White Fox
The first novel in the magical White Fox series - a beautifully illustrated tale of a young fox and a magical moonstone.
Written by Chen Jiatong
Translated by Jennifer Feeley
Illustrated by Viola Wang
Published by Chicken House
"A delight, full of peril, friendship and mysticism"
A young white fox called Dilah returns home to find his mother gravely injured. Before she dies, she tells him about a treasure with the power to make animals human.
The clues to its location are contained in a moonstone buried beneath their den – but wicked blue foxes seek the treasure too, and Dilah must race to find it first.
Along the way, he meets all sorts of other creatures: a friendly seal, an ancient tortoise and a fierce leopard 
– but can he stay one step ahead?
The first book in the White Fox series, a bestseller in China.

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